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Khosla Stone Kidney & Surgical Centre is one of the well-known urology & Kidney Hospital in Ludhiana, Punjab, run and established by a board-certified Urologist: Dr. Rajesh Khosla (Expertise of 20+ Years). He tirelessly works to take the treatment of urinary tract diseases and kidney stone treatment in Ludhiana to the next step. The kidney hospital in Punjab offers state-of-the-art treatment through procedures like Extracorporeal ShortWave Lithotripsy (ESWL), Mini PCNL (Mini Perc), Ureteroscopy (URS), and Percutaneous surgery of kidney stone (PCNL).

He and the entire team have been responsible for providing the latest and most advanced treatment in the stone treatments at the best kidney hospital in Ludhiana to serve the patients with top-notch care. Presently RIRS (Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery) with Holmium Yag Laser through flexible ureteroscope and many other advanced procedures are performed by giving the treatment based on international standards.

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How good is your healthcare plan? The expertise of the experienced and board-certified healthcare team enhances the chances of quality service. As one of the best urology hospital in Ludhiana, we offer continuous support to the patient without any excuse.

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We offer the most robust treatment plan from advanced to complex kidney stones and urology problems. Our entire team works together to provide personalized care to each patient.

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At our kidney hospital, the team performs surgeries with every patient's most precise, modern, and minimally invasive approach. It's one of the primary reasons for our high operational success.

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We provide full support and care to the whole patient 365 days. With the continual development of medical care, we offer treatment to improve the patient's overall health.

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Our hospital is the perfect combination of top-notch services, patient and family-centered hospital, and a quick response to everyone who needs medical attention. We deliver quality so that you can get the proper care through advanced and safe treatment options.
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    Kidney stones can be as small as a sand grain or as large as a golf ball. When the kidney stones become large, the individuals can notice the following symptoms:
    • Severe pain on either side of the lower back
    • Blood in the urine
    • Vomiting or nausea
    • Stomach ache or vague pain
    • Fever and chills
    • Urine that smells cloudy or bad
    Usually, the patients can notice pain when kidney stones lead to blockage or irritation. Depending on the overall condition, the doctor can suggest if you need to undergo surgery.
    Kidney stone diagnosis requires a proper medical history, physical examination, and imaging tests. The kidney stone doctor performs a CT scan to check the stone size and position visually.
    There are 4 main types of kidney stone which includes:
    • Calcium stones
    • Cystine stones
    • Uric acid stones
    • Struvite stones
    Depending on the type of kidney stone, our kidney care specialist will personalize your treatment plan.
    On average, kidney stone treatment in India cost around Rs 22,000. For the exact amount on, how much does your kidney stone treatment plan cost you need to consult an experienced kidney doctor? Proper medical evaluation and thorough check of your present kidney state is the only way to determine the exact treatment cost.
    Kidney stone is likely to increase the risk of chronic kidney disease. If you have kidney stones once, you have a higher chance of getting them again. Around 50% chances are there to have kidney stones again within the next 5 to 7 years.